Selling your car In Brisbane, Gold Coast or the Sunshine Coast? We make it hassle free to sell your car for instant cash.

We hear time and again about difficulties customers have had in the past with trying to sell their cars. Dealing with difficult buyers, not being able to find a buyer, and struggling with the hassle of meeting state inspections – these are all common difficulties that our customers deal with. For them, we buy any car and sell cars, online Brisbane sellers can contact us through our website or directly by phone. With a little research on the internet, our customers have discovered that “selling my car, Brisbane or anywhere, can be easy as a snap!”

Our specialty is providing a constructive way for you to deal with your unwanted vehicles, saving you the trouble of placing an advert on the internet or in the local newspaper, and enabling you to move forward with your life. Many customers call us and ask how to “Sell my car and buy my car” – Brisbane and the surrounding communities is where most of our customers come from – and our response is simple: we can help!

There are many ways you can dispose of unwanted vehicles, but for the best value and most convenient service, you can call us to sell your car, Brisbane in particular has many people who are looking for a convenient solution, which is exactly what we aim to give our customers. A one-day potential turnaround and relief of having constructively dealt with a vexing problem is our main value to customers.

After you have contacted us about a car you would like to sell, our team gets to work doing what we do best:  finding the best price for your car.  We have a vast network buyers and individual car dealers throughout the area, and we leverage this network for your success, to help you get the best possible offer.

After that, if you accept the offer (which you can do conveniently by phone or email), we will drive over to take a look at the car, making sure it is in as good of condition as you described, and then right there, on the spot, we will complete the sale (or otherwise, when convenient for you), sometimes even with cash in hand.

Our specialty is your convenience

There is almost nothing you need to do.  We do the paperwork, vehicle disposal, finance contract and payouts.  Best of all, we can settle with cash (subject to restrictions).   We can also pay you with a bank cheque or direct transfer to your account.

Not only that, but forget all the troubles and hassles with roadworthy certifications.  We take care of that too!

Follow these easy steps for a hassle free transaction: 

1. Fill in the details about your car using the contact form to the right.  And please give us as much information as possible – that will help us give you the best and most accurate offer.

2. Click “Submit”

3. Get ready to take our call.  We will take the information you have given us, and in most cases, we can follow up with a cash offer within a few hours.

Brisbane, Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast residents – we go there too!

Yes, that’s right, WE COME TO YOU! Our coverage includes all of South East Queensland.

If you’d rather visit us, then welcome!  Please give us a call and we’ll arrange a time that is convenient for you.

Two easy documents: 

All we need is the current registration certificate and your official ID (such as your drivers licence).

That’s all!  We take care of the rest.

Registration is lost?  No problem!

If the original registration cannot be found, we will arrange to meet at the Department of Transport to verify the ownership of the vehicle.  After that, the process is the same.

Not your car?  No problem!

…well, of course there are other steps involved.  You will need to provide documentation that you are authorized to sell the car, such as being a parent of the owner, being the executor of a will, or power of attorney.  We require a letter of authority from the registered owner, with proof of identification and the Customer Reference Number (CRN).  We also take care to authenticate these documents before moving forward on a sale.

Not roadworthy?  No problem!

No need for a roadworthy certificate, we take care of that.

No need for detail, we take care of that.

No need for hassle, we do the work for you.

Financial contract?  No problem!

Once again, we can take care of loans, hire purchase, lease agreements and other forms of financing. 
For more information on these arrangements, please check out the FAQ section.

Payment method for a fast sale:

However you choose! Cash up to $5000 (security reasons) or bank-cheque.

If you don’t have time to place an advert for your car and go through the time-sinking task of meeting potential buyers, Sell My Car can give you a convenient solution, with a completed sale – cash for cars – Brisbane area specifically – in as little as one day.

Our business is cars. We buy cars and sell cars – Brisbane is our base of business – so that you can focus your time on things that matter most. An unwanted vehicle doesn’t have to be a drain on your personal time and finances, and we stand ready to be of service to you.

Here is a sample of our hassle free purchases